20 July 2012

SAINTS ROW THE THIRD - Deckers poster

About ¿a year? ago I did a poster meant to be used on the promotion of the SAINTS ROW THE THIRD videogame. This "special" job was handled by DC, that´s why the drawing is on a DC board. Nowadays I still don´t know if the image has been used or not. I think the poster was incuded in a special edition sold in Russia (?), but not sure. Has anybody seen it?


david benzal said...

Nice composition!!


Vincent S. Moore said...

If "Anonymous" above truly looked at the thumbnails versus the final piece, what would be seen is the woman has turned her head and shoulders more towards the "camera". That is why the side view of the breast is larger in the finished piece. Nothing more, nothing less.

Beautiful work as always.

Nick Smith said...

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