26 February 2014

I find this page much more beautiful without the little panel.

Nude Catwoman by Guillem March


Ian Holland said...

AAAAAAGREED! Seriously. Not everything I say is unprofessional.

Sergi said...

Molt millor, on vas a parar! ;)

Molt xules les pàgines de sota, i molt d'acord amb tu: Tomeu Morey és un fenomen. Formeu un gran equip.

Martin John said...

Wow, I wish American comics had the balls to publish something like this in a regular monthly comic, but it makes too many people "nervous". That said, I would say the same thing if it were Batman in the same pose. Get over being uptight.

die-yng said...

Is there a version of page 19 without the small panels as well?

I'd be really interested in that one.:)

Anonymous said...


I'd love it if you could upload a uncensored version of page 19

Amazing art btw