15 June 2014

Freelancer again!

At the end of July I will no longer be a DC exclusive artist. I never made any big announcement when I signed the exclusivity 6 years ago (or I did?), and probably nobody cares about it, but I've been rejecting gigs from time to time, so I guess it makes sense that I tell the world I'm a freelancer again.
I won't be available at all though, I'm already busy. In the last year I've been working on a creator owned book for belgian publisher Dupuis in collaboration with writer Thilde Barboni and I'll need the rest of this year to finish it. That's why I've been doing so few interior art for DC lately. I was allowed by DC to work on that side project, and they even offered me an exclusivity renewal knowing I was more focused on that non-DC book. But at that point I thought it didn't make sense to be a DC exclusive artist if I wasn't going to work for them in a monthly book.
But I'm not leaving DC. I hope I'm not! Maybe I've been doing the best work for hire you can find in comics industry. To me it's been quite fair. From my first book I've been very attached to the Bat-family, surrounded by great editors, and I've been given the chance to draw most of the characters I've enjoyed as a reader. Now things have changed a bit, and I'm starting to feel the need to come back to my own comics, with my own scripts, and that's something I've found very difficult to get in US. 
But I'll be doing some work for hire from time to time as long as they're willing to hire me. Actually I'll be taking care of the Phantom Stranger covers, plus some other cover from time to time. We'll see.
Thank you for reading, see you in the funny pages!


Lauren said...

Congrats! You're one of my favorite artists and I can't wait to see what other books you work on next. (And I'm super excited to meet you at Wizard World Philly!)

Adrien said...

Good luck with your new journey. I hope it will bring you all the satisfaction you seek.
See you soon Guillem within DC or elsewhere.