18 November 2016

TALON was my last long gig at DC. Circa 2013. I didn't choose working on it, but anyway I was very excited because I was told Scott Snyder was writing it. I did the art of the first arc, except by issue 2 that was drawn by Ryp. Great colors by Tomeu Morey. I was very happy of how issue 0 turned out. At that time I was trying to get an expressive way of brush inking, a bit loose to keep it dynamic. That's the style that works for me when I do superheroes. When I'm drawing BD I tend to draw much more accurate, with no brush, no black areas... and most if times I'm thinking on how the colors will look like. Right now, after a couple of years I'm kind of missing my loose brush inking. Someday I'll do a B&W book with this style. The image is a special commission I've done today.

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