21 August 2009

POWER GIRL #3 variant cover

Esta es la portada alternativa del Power Girl #3. Las portadas alternativas del #1 y del #2 eran de Adam Hughes, así que han relevado al maestro con el novato. Como curiosidad, la composición se cambió entre las fases de tinta y color porque Power Girl estaba demasiado eclipsada por Terra.
Variant cover for Power Girl #3. Before me, master Adam Hughes was doing these variant covers... who said pressure?. As you can see, the layout was changed before coloring because Power Girl was too hidden behind Terra.

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Carlos M. Mangual said...

Adam Hughes may be a "master", Guillem... but at least you're giving us monthly sequential art to drool over. I don't even remember the last comic-book Adam fully illustrated. Don't feel to pressured. You're doing just fine, sir. And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.

Peace out.