28 January 2010

Gotham City Sirens 8, story and art by me.

Yesterday 1/27 issue #8 of Gotham City Sirens was released. It had to be written as usual by Paul Dini, but some difficulties gave me the chance to write comics again. I wouldn´t like to look like an artist that tries to become a writer, since I´ve always seen myself as a complete comics creator and years ago I was doing all the process, so this issue means the natural way for me to make comic art. Well, except for the english language. The main difference this time is that I was allowed to play with DC´s characters. So I took care of the story, as well as the layouting and a first draft of the dialogue. Of course, final dialogues were written by an english spoken writer, Marc Andreyko, doing a really great job. Tomeu Morey on colors, probably one of the best colorists out there. This is a standalone, very special issue to me. I´m satisfied as I´m not been since long ago with my work, though many people may consider this issue just another fill-in, and they are not wrong at all.
Cover creation process at The Source.

Preview with colored and lettered pages at CBR.


DiegoDNM said...

¿Guión también? Maldito seas... me voy a enganchar más todavía a la serie ya verás...

Unknown said...

Sir, you're work is beautiful and inspiring. It is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with your fans. Please, just continue to do what you do. -OP

Mike said...

I really enjoyed both, the story and the art, immensely. I hope we get to see more Sirens issues this year! It's really one of the few comics that can depict (and stars) women without feeling to reliant on their sex appeal, and without losing it completely! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I've most appreciated the cover creation process, very very interesting.

About the art in this post, I'd like specially the composition of the first page: the leg in the second picture become the arm in the fourth picture.

Also the last picture of the fourth page, with Poison Ivy face near the Arkham Asylum is most suggestive.

Great Guillem!

Paolo Micol

Anonymous said...

Are you currently accepting commissions?

laseraw said...

looks great!
congratulations on the added writing gig!
narration seems very clear visually
the intensity of the gray tones manage the atmospheres amazingly
very subtle!

cant wait to actually "read" it

just loving all you sequential stuff!

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