29 March 2010


Below you can see the cover half colored. I was trying to get a real skin effect by using pictures:

25 March 2010

ARKHAM REBORN #3 cover and making-of

Someone asked me to upload this cover some time ago, apologies for the late answer. This is the cover for the issue #3 of the Arkham Reborn miniseries. This was very, very fun to draw. Batman and a lot of his rogues fighting in the middle of a Riot. The last image is an odditiy for your amusement: in my first version of the cover I had colored Batman outfit too blue and too bright. Something like it used to be in the mid-80´s. I was asked to darken it to fit the current Batman look. You can compare both versions in this image. By the way, for the case I hadn´t mentioned it, I´m the penciler, inker and colorist of all the covers I do, included those in the previous posts. In case you didn´t like them, all blame goes to myself!

24 March 2010

Inked pages from BATMAN #698

Colored version here, with incredible colors by Tomeu Morey. Script by Tony S. Daniel. This will be a 2-issue arc before the Batman #700 special issue.