29 April 2010

BATMAN #698 and #699

Hi all! These pages are something like a dream come true: me drawing Batman. Well, I drew a couple of issues some moths ago just after the Battle for the Cowl storyline, but there was no Batman in them. Aaaand well, this time is not exactly Bruce Wayne, but hey, it´s Batman! Great mistery story by star Tony S. Daniel. Great artist, great writer, and a very nice guy!
I stopped drawing Gotham City Sirens to take care of this, so I´m not the regular artist of that lovely trio of girls anymore. Drawing beautiful females is funny, but at some point I felt I wanted to try other things. Something darker, deeper stories. Right after these Batman issues I´ll be working on a very exciting Azrael storyline brilliantly written by David Hine. For the people who have read in the solicits I´m working on two series at the time, that´s wrong!
I´m not on Sirens! It takes a lot of hard work to pencil and ink a monthly issue! No way I could do two each month! I´m very impressed by all those artists who deliver some great artwork every month to fill one or even two issues. I´m working to be one of them, people who make the comics industry go on. A monthly issue, that´s the deal! Spending a whole week working on a perfect page or a superb cover is not my point.