04 May 2010

Girl for fun!

Some artists do have nice sketchbooks full of drawings. I don´t. I don´t really like sketching and making doodles. Somehow I feel I´m wasting my time and all those lines could already be used on the final art of a page. I know I´m wrong with that and I should be sketching all the day, but I´m pretty busy with my daily page, so when I finish working, I´m fed up of drawing for that day...
So believe me if I tell you this drawing is an odditie. I did it for the pleasure of drawing. I can´t remember the last time I made a not work-related drawing. This is not a cover, sketch, commission or gift. I was just... having fun!
Ah, yeah, it´s a nude girl! Maybe I miss drawing Gotham City Sirens?