31 May 2011

About Batman and Robin #23

Hi all. Just for the case someone cares about it, I´d like to write a line and explain why I only did 10 of the 20 pages from this issue. I was the solicited artist for the B&R #23 issue, and for the B&R #24 as well. Now the issue has been released some people is angry with me because it seems I had no time to finish the issue. Well, that´s just wrong. Usually I don´t have many problems to finish my work on time. I´m pretty fast -and work a lot of hours every day-, so I can handle a daily inked page. That´s 5 to 6 pages per week.

So, what happened? I was asked to work on another assigment before finishing the issue. That´s all. Do not blame me, I don´t like to leave a project unfinished either, and also I don´t like it as a reader to see the creative team is changed at the middle of the story.

By the way, B&R #24 will be drawn by another artist as well. Do not get angry with me again!

Interior pages from BATMAN and ROBIN #23

11 May 2011

BIRDS OF PREY #8 interior pages

Hi all! After all these months with no updates I´ve got too much stuff to post... Shit, I´m too lazy to keep this updated properly. Something to start with: about 4 or 5 months ago I took care of the interior art of an issue of BIRDS OF PREY. It was the second issue of a 4-part arc, Janelle Siegel was the editor, there wasn´t much time and I wasn´t the solicited artist for this issue, so I guess something happenned at the last minute. Script by Gail Simone with a great scene with The Peng... sorry, Mr Cobblepot. Superb colors by Nei Rufino. Me pencilling and inking, as usual, having fun drawing all these girls in tight outfits.