11 May 2011

BIRDS OF PREY #8 interior pages

Hi all! After all these months with no updates I´ve got too much stuff to post... Shit, I´m too lazy to keep this updated properly. Something to start with: about 4 or 5 months ago I took care of the interior art of an issue of BIRDS OF PREY. It was the second issue of a 4-part arc, Janelle Siegel was the editor, there wasn´t much time and I wasn´t the solicited artist for this issue, so I guess something happenned at the last minute. Script by Gail Simone with a great scene with The Peng... sorry, Mr Cobblepot. Superb colors by Nei Rufino. Me pencilling and inking, as usual, having fun drawing all these girls in tight outfits.


Carlos said...

Ya era hora que volvieramos a ver algo nuevo tuyo, veremos con que nos sorprendes próximamente. Un saludo desde Gotham.

Kero said...

Que alegría ver que sigues trabajando al otro lado del charco.
Como siempre, un trabajo estupendo. Me encanta el Pingüino de la última página con ese tono tan cartoon, y la viñeta central de Batman en la página que esta con Oraculo me recuerda a una escena de The Dark Knight.
Un saludo y lo dicho, gran trabajo ;)

s e b a s said...

Buen trabajo!!!!