20 July 2012

SAINTS ROW THE THIRD - Deckers poster

About ¿a year? ago I did a poster meant to be used on the promotion of the SAINTS ROW THE THIRD videogame. This "special" job was handled by DC, that´s why the drawing is on a DC board. Nowadays I still don´t know if the image has been used or not. I think the poster was incuded in a special edition sold in Russia (?), but not sure. Has anybody seen it?

11 July 2012

Shopping, shopping.

These are pictures from my store at Society6. The products are made on demand, so these in the pictures actually don´t exist, but woah, they look really cool! I´m about to order an iPhone case with my drawing on it! I guess making money doesn´t work like this.

03 July 2012


I've created a page at Facebook. There I'll post sneak peaks of my day-by-day work, plus any stuff of mine I find interesting to share. Click on "Like it" if you want.


I also have a personal Facebook account, but that's just for people I know in real life and colleagues. I'm afraid I'm not accepting many friendship requests from people who like my work but I don't really know who they are. Sorry about that. That's the reason I've made the "official" page.