22 August 2013

Sketches in the MUSES A GOGO book.

As promised yesterday, these are 3 examples of the kind of sketches I draw in the Muses a Gogo book when you order it from my store. Please note that these are not little commissions, I draw what I want, which for this book means a nice girl in a "muse" role.
Sketches in the MUSES A GOGO book by Guillem March

21 August 2013

Drawings from MUSES A GOGO

It´s been a year since I started my crowdfunding project MUSES A GOGO through Verkami, the spanish Kickstarter. It happens I´m allowed to spend my money in Kickstarter, but I as I´m spaniard I cannot use it to get funds... But that´s another story.

Right now almost all my backers have their rewards at home, or heading to them. This whole thing has taken WAY MORE time and efforts than I expected, but hey, I have self-published a book of my stuff just as I wanted it to be... and now I´ve got a lot of books in my basement! 

In order to create the need in you to buy one of these books, I´ll start posting some of the pictures included in the book. Some are a bit hot, let´s hope nobody flags the blog because of nudity.

If you´d like to buy a book, check the STORE. Tomorrow I´ll post some of the sketches I´ve done to nice people that bought the book with sketch included.

The drawings below are available for sale as well.

Drawings from MUSES A GOGO by Guillem March

Drawings from MUSES A GOGO by Guillem March

Drawings from MUSES A GOGO by Guillem March