24 February 2014

CATWOMAN #04 (more) unseen pages

As I promised yesterday, here you have 4 pages that were never published.
Some people will say they were censored, but that´s not exact. The new pages were not a toned down version of these, they were telling another story. Actually, we had a big turning point here that could have changed the whole book from this point: Selina knows who Batman is. You don´t need ballons to get that from yesterday´s pages..
 Maybe DC didn´t want to explore that storyline, so it´s not that obvious that the new pages were drawn just to remove the sexy content. It´d have been much more easy to censor these pages than having to redraw them all.
This is the funny thing: who knows?
CATWOMAN #04 (more) unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #04 (more) unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #04 (more) unseen pages by Guillem March

CATWOMAN #04 (more) unseen pages by Guillem March
Somebody asked why am I showing this stuff now: I´m not going to keep them secretly in a drawer until I die, and I´m not going to burn them, right?
I´m doing a selection of original art for sale and if I don´t show them, the buyer will anyway, so...
Btw, some of the little panels strategically placed over Selina´s body were drawn separately. Maybe I´ll post a scan of the original art tomorrow. Ha, ha, this is a dirty trick to get more pageloads. Why do I need pageloads? I don´t know, I have no ads!
Ah, these pages never got colored. The decision to change the story came in the gap between inks and color.


Anonymous said...

Guillem, when will you be posting these for sale?

psicomenace said...

Definitly helps getting pageloads (me as a good example), anyway, this is post N52, right? we know that right now she doesn't knows that Bruce is Bats

MegaGearX said...

I love how Bruce is trying to pretend to be Bruce Wayne at first and then realizes that the gig is up. You can see it in his facial expressions.

Beautifully done. It's a shame this wasn't actually done.

Anonymous said...

seems porn comics! and here also it is confirmed! batman is GAY!
the woman making it clear what you want and what makes Batman?
thankfully it was not the robin strutting naked in front of the mansion!

Unknown said...

When Will you please come Back to catwoman!! With you on it,it was amazing!!! Or any book. Your the best artist in the world.Thank you for being So talented.

Unknown said...

Please tell me or starting a Book for DC??? Please???

Jayden Daniel said...


Prinxess said...

Those Cat Woman scenes do not really seem to be from the real comic, I was at dublin costume shop to buy her costume when I read about this dress, It really is great to see how amazingly you guys have affected us with the providing some real exclusive pages

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