05 September 2014

Drawing COMICS!

I´m quite busy lately with things that are not exactly drawing comics. I´ve given it a thought, and I think I´ll simplify my life to make more room for drawing actual COMICS.

So now:
- I´ve closed the online store. I´ll only be selling my books Muses a Gogo and Sketches a Gogo at my table at cons.
- I won´t be taking commissions to ship, or pre-con commissions. I´ll just be doing sketches on site at cons. If you want a more detailed piece of art, I use to bring original pages with me.
- I won´t be shipping interior art from my books. The right place to buy it is, again, at cons.

No packages, no commissions. That´s it. Starting from now I´ll be focused on what keeps me excited, my new book to be released by Dupuis: MO.NI.KA

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Unknown said...

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